If you haven’t heard of HIIT by now, it’s high time you caught up on the latest fad in fat-burning exercise. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and, as the name suggests, it involves getting your heart rate waaaay up for short bursts of time, before resting and then going again.

So the idea is the bursts of exercise are extremely intense (think short bursts of sprinting or mega-intensity rope-jumping) but mercifully short. Why do it this way? Experts claim that this approach to exercise is not only superbly efficient at torching fat from your target areas and burning serious calories in a short space of time, but it can also help to burn off more calories even when the session is over. This is because we consume more oxygen when we’re exercising intensively which can boost our metabolism for hours afterwards.


So how do you do it? There are plenty of HIIT sessions to choose from, but the method laid out below mixes things up and aims to get you burning as many calories as possible.

Get ready to sweat!