No matter how much blood, sweat and tears we expend at the gym, some of us just can’t achieve that flat tummy we yearn for. It’s especially hard for women who have had babies, who’ve no doubt waved goodbye to the tummy of their dreams.

But fear not! Those in the know are trying these 10 quick tricks to help get their mid-section back to its youthful best, and you can try them all too!


1. Snack clever

It seems counter-productive, but make sure you have a protein-heavy snack between 3-4pm. Going five or six hours between lunch and dinner can make your metabolism sluggish and wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. Have an apple, a piece of cheese or some nuts to keep things stable during this magic hour, keeping insulin levels down and stopping your body from storing fat around your midsection.


2. Cut sugar

Wherever possible, keep sugar levels as low as possible. This also helps to keep your insulin at a safe level and promotes the production of glucagon, a hormone which helps keep your belly from storing fat.