So you’ve made the decision to kick those extra pounds into touch, good for you! But we all know that the key to a successful diet plan is making sure you can see results quickly, without resorting to dangerous tactics. Here, we show you how to boost your new regime with a list of ways to get your first week off to a roaring start. You could budge as many as seven pounds in just seven days! Your weight loss should start to level off after that, but a successful first week has a huge impact on your chances of long-term success.

If you bite it, write it

The most important rule for getting your diet under control is keeping an eye on how much you’re eating every single day. From scribbling down notes in a diary to logging calories on an app, you need to write down absolutely everything you eat – no cheating.

morning coffee

By doing this, you’ll have an accurate guide on how much you’re taking in. That includes all drinks (just an average takeaway coffee can contain upwards of 200 calories – or 10% of the average woman’s daily maintenance calorie goal). Doing this will help you stop when you’ve had enough, but it’s also handy for making sure you’re hitting a healthy number of calories each day. Undereating is severely dangerous and will never give you sustainable, healthy weight loss results.