Can I get in the car yet?

It has been a number of years since I last had a dog and towards the end of October 2018, I decided that it might be a good idea to get one again. What I had forgotten was the amount of hair they leave and especially in the car! Here are a few things I do to remove that hair easily.

  1. Use a balloon, blow it up then create static (we have all done this in the past, rubbing it on a jumper to make our siblings hair stand up or to stick it to the wall) Rub it across the upholstery or carpets of the car and the hair will be attracted to it!
  2. Mix a small amount of fabric softener with water and spray lightly on the upholstery. The ingredients in fabric softener loosen hair, wipe over with a paper towel, leave to dry then hoover up any leftover hair.
  3. Use rubber gloves and water. Spay the upholstery lightly then rubber with rubber gloves, the hair should collect at the end of your fingers
  4. If you have a small rubber bristled brush with your vacuum cleaner use this as it will act in a very similar way to the rubber gloves
  5. Finally use a lint roller. These are very effective and relatively cheap, there are even some that you can wash and reuse.

Prevention is always best so the use of travel cages and seat covers would be recommended to reduce the number of times you would have to clean the car, or make sure you have leather seats very easy to clean just a quick wipe down.