Downtime is a limited commodity for most of us in our busy daily lives, especially when small kids and work are thrown into the mix. So making the most of it is critical stuff! Instead of just collapsing on the sofa like a punctured inflatable doll, read our tips for making sure you squeeze as much relaxation out of your time off as possible. These methods will help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which, in turn, can reduce your stress levels and boost feelings of wellbeing.


Deep breaths

If you find yourself with a spare ten minutes, perform some seriously deep breathing. Inhale until your lungs are full, hold for a second and release the breath slowly. Close your eyes for maximum chillout points. This deep breathing expands your bronchioles and triggers the PNS, plus it gives you a chance to reboot and recover from daily stresses and strains. It sounds simple, but just a few minutes of deep breathing can turn your whole day around.