If you’re going through a crisis of self-confidence, the effects on your daily life can be shattering. Your work, relationships and overall happiness will take the biggest hits, and it’s so easy to start off on a downward emotional spiral.

So rather than letting the self-doubt take hold, take these powerful steps to bring back your mojo and restore that inherent faith and belief that everyone should have in themselves.

1. Hold yourself how you want to see yourself

When we feel down and out, our physical response is usually to slouch and slump. And to the outward eye, this is the body language of someone who’s defeated, someone who’s given up. So instead of succumbing to the slouch, pull your shoulders back, stand tall, make eye contact and speak slowly and clearly. Even if you have to force it at first, a positive stature and disposition can work wonders on how you are perceived and, just as importantly, how you perceive yourself.


2. Squash those negative thoughts

Here’s where we get stuck into some mental acrobatics. Having negative messages running through your mind can be the habit of a lifetime, and therefore can be really tricky to stop. But it’s time to take action and beat those negative thoughts into submission with an agile mind. If you feel a negative thought creeping in, switch it to a positive affirmation (you can create these yourself or look some up online if you’re struggling) until those negative thoughts give up trying to sneak through. Before you know it, your automatic messages will be positive and uplifting, instead of negative and destructive.