Ever tried sustaining your five a day over a long period of time? Remembering to cram in all that fruit and veg is hard enough to do at the best of times, but chuck in a busy schedule and the best laid healthy diet plans can soon go to waste.

So what’s the answer?
Blitz them up all in one go and get them down your neck in 30 seconds flat! Here are five super-healthy smoothie recipes that have the perfect balance of ingredients to get you feeling your very best.

1. Banana and ginger

Suffering from an upset tummy? Few combinations can soothe heartburn, nausea and digestion issues like banana (1 – sliced) and ginger. Throw in some vanilla yogurt (6 oz) and a tablespoon of honey for sweetness to counterbalance the tart zing of the freshly grated ginger (½ tsp).


2. Spinach and avocado

Don’t worry, we know it sounds a bit on the ‘green’ side but we promise this delicious blend of nutrient-packed spinach and creamy avocado will soon become your absolute favourite. Simply blitz one large pitted avocado with a cup of spinach (make sure it’s fresh rather than frozen for maximum health points), a large banana and a cup of milk. Throw in a handful of ice cubes if you like your smoothies chilled.