Ahh, Hollywood. Or Hollyweird as it’s more often dubbed (with good reason). While there are plenty of celebs dipping into the tried-and-tested lists of girls’ and boys’ names, several of them have refused to conform. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some right corkers, but here we run down the top 10 craziest baby names we’ve ever encountered.

Rocket Zot

He was the main star of Hollywood human/alien blockbuster Avatar, so Sam Worthington’s baby was always going to be graced with an off-the-wall name. Together with his wife Lara Bingle Worthington, he settled on the rather unusual Rocket Zot simply because they kind of liked the way it sounded. And who can argue with that?


North West

No celebrity list is complete without a mention of Kim’n’Kanye. Their first born was always going to have all eyes on her, so they decided to give her a name few would forget (and many would presume, initially, was a joke). Apparently the suggestion started as a tabloid rumour, but K’n’K were dining in a restaurant with Pharrell Williams and Anna Wintour (as you do) and they both praised the name as a ‘genius’ choice. And so it came to pass…