We’re all concerned with our health and we work hard to make sure we’re eating and exercising right, and protecting our loved ones’ health as well. But what about all those hidden health threats that could be lurking without our knowledge? Read on to discover four health hazards that may well be hidden in your home, so you can get to dealing with them – quickly!


Mould and fungus

Does your home sometimes smell a bit fusty? That could be a sure sign of fungus and mould developing in your soft furnishings, rugs and carpets and studies have shown that this can cause people to develop allergies, asthma, breathing difficulties, chronic coughing and even cancer in some cases. So if you suspect creeping mould in your home, call in the experts to deal with it. Traditional methods may not cut it, as damp conditions will only cause those fungus colonies to thrive and develop.

Image courtesy of http://www.biocote.com