When life starts to get a little unmanageable, we’re all about cutting corners. And fortunately, modern technology means there’s always software ready to help us stay on top of things. Here, we run down the top 10 free apps* that you can download to make your life easier. You’ll find a mix of iPhone and Android options so there’s something for everyone.

* Please note these apps are free at the time of writing, but may not necessarily stay that way!

1. Post-it® Plus

We love Post-its! But these days, paperless is always preferable. This app makes light work of organising snapshots of your scribbled thoughts and arranging them on a ‘board’ so you can map out your plans without cluttering up your desk.

Download the app here

2. Evernote

You’ll soon wonder how you managed without Evernote. Great for students (or just anyone who loves noting down passing thoughts), you can collate all your ideas, research and photos in one handy, accessible place.

Download the app here