She’s everyone’s favourite ‘just a little bit fat’ Brit (whose legs only come up to here…) and she’s finally back in full effect on the silver screen.

Yes, Bridget Jones is back and she’s bigger than ever (both figuratively and literally, with that big old bump…) so to celebrate, we’ve dug out ten nuggets of little-known trivia from behind the scenes of this much-loved British film franchise.

1. In preparation for her debut as Bridget, Renée Zellweger actually worked at a British-based publishing company for a month. She managed to go undercover with a posh UK accent and a fake name, and no one recognised her. Probably had something to do with the very un-Hollywood 25lbs she gained for the role.

2. Remember that *awesome* restaurant/water fountain fight scene between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth? Completely unchoreographed, and totally improvised by the actors. Major props to them both for that hilarious high-kicking/leg-grabbing move.

3. The morally corrupt and yet utterly charming character of Daniel Cleaver was inspired by that of Pride and Prejudice’s George Wickham.