Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? Delve under the hood of most commonly accepted media stories and you may well dig out a host of inconsistencies, from a little white lie to massive, earth-shattering deceit. But it’s the really cray cray theories that make for good column inches, so here we go with our favourites…

1. The Beatles were never the Beatles

We’ve all heard the old ‘Paul is dead’ theory that’s been bandied about for years, but here’s a new, even more bonkers idea: from the very first day of their career, the Beatles lineup actually consisted of bunch of pretty much identical actors. Apparently the clues are in the eyebrows…

2. Flat as a pancake

Although their theories were blown out of the water many, many years ago, there is still a scarily high number of people who believe our planet is completely flat. They even give their belief a name: zetetic astronomy. So it must be true.

3. The moon is a hologram

Following neatly on, many people believe that the moon is actually a hologram projected onto the night sky. We’ll just leave that theory there.